Vaccine for all!

How it all started

Getting the vaccine is not an easy task – either you go to a vaccination center early to get a token or if lucky try to get an available slot in the Cowin site/Aarogya Setu mobile app – this has been the same experience got by friends, relatives, and colleagues across the country.

Therefore using the Co-WIN Public APIs, I decided to provide this web application to help all my fellow citizens to get vaccinated!

Let’s get vaccinated!

This web application looks for the vaccine slot availability in your respective District by selecting the age & available dose criteria – using the Co-WIN Public APIs, for more details about the API, click here

Please note that this web application does NOT book any slot on your behalf whatsoever – it only provides valuable information to help the citizen to select the available center at that point in time.

How it works

The program run in an interval to query the provided Co-WIN Public APIs to look for an available center in your respective District, taking into consideration the age and available dose. 

Once the program finds an available center, an email will be sent at the registered email address a complete report with all details which shows all the available centers along with the available dose at that point in time. 

It is important to mention that upon receiving the report, it is highly recommended to book the slots on the website or using the Aarogya Setu mobile app. (formerly

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