Hi, I’m Mourtaza. I’m a teacher. I code, write, speak, learn, listen and nurture lives through innovation and technology.

For 21 years, I have had invaluable work experience, a great opportunity to learn, and work with some of the top companies of the world – such as Symantec, Vodafone, Honeywell, Lenze, and still counting.


“Specialist in Microsoft Office Apps & Services”

I help customers to find benefits, solutions, and value for using Office 365 Business Suite Apps. 

Give back to the community

Besides, I have a proclivity towards connecting with people regardless of their fame or status.
Be it students, family, colleagues, neighbors – helping people move forward and making a commendable change in their lives has always been my priority.


Author of the book “The French Fluency Formula”.  This book is the result of all these years of Rendez-vous with Indian born French learners.

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Multicultural Competence

On a personal level Indian by origin, brought up in Madagascar, and now settled in Pune, India, has been a keen witness to, and a product of, an exemplary amalgamation of different cultures and traditions.

In Madagascar, the rich African Culture combined with the sophisticated French Culture dominated his life. And India has gifted him with the blissful and endless variety of Indian Culture and traditions as well as provided him invaluable work experience.